Back a di Ya’d

To our fans, many of whom probably believe we’ve dropped out…. we haven’t. 

After our Vaughan and Oakwood Studio was generously mashed-up by the overly enthusiastic officers of Toronto Police Division 13 in August of 2013, we took something of a hiatus. I say ‘something of’ because the past two years have been far from anything you could call a ‘break’.

In that time we’ve dealt with jail cells, bail hearings, court dates, took some college courses, been on that mid-night shift, cut-off a bunch of these fakers, lost some hard drives and deepened our own self-understanding.

Now that the charges have been dropped, the schools have been graduated from, and the fake friends (and old music) forgotten… TPE is back!

Finally I can really say ‘Everyting plug-IN! Nuttin nuh plug-OUT!’ 


Our studio is nicely (though for me still not perfectly) set-up again, and we’re back in the lab. I can tell you it hasn’t been easy. The thought of replacing equipment kindly fucked up by the police didn’t initially get me excited, but it has given me the opportunity to upgrade a few things, and really damage my pocket book (lol).

Anyway I love my new stuff and I’ve got more things on the list to add to the new set-up so, big-tings good-tings!

Also, I can say our sound is more mature now, and we’ve got some exciting projects in the wings.

More soon

Stay True

True People and Boasie Yard

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